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Cable Accessories are the things which are designed for a particular purpose of using along with cables & wires to support their functioning. Cable accessories are used in various ways such as to connect, identify, secure, protect or simply to organize cable or wires.

Cable accessories are used in many ways such as terminating electrical cables, to identify the cable in building, organizing & securing the cables & Stripping wires in electrical equipments. They are also easy and simple to use.

By using these accessories you can increase the life of the wires & protect them from external forces. In Abu Dhabi you can get the best quality of cable accessories at silver waves electrical which is one of the leading supplier, trader in UAE.

Cable accessories in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Silver Waves Electrical Being the largest supplier has a wide range of cable accessories in their store which is located in Abu Dhabi. Some of the cable accessories which are available at silver waves are as follows:

  • Cable ties
  • Cable Glands
  • Cable Lugs
  • Sleeves
  • Connectors strips
  • Enclosures
  • Insulation Tapes, Etc,.

While buying accessories some of the basic elements are to be kept in mind such as Strength, Temperature range, Fire resistance, Compatibility. All these things are found in the branded accessories. They manufacture the best, Finest quality of accessories which are suitable to all the above mentioned needs.

You can find some leading brands at silver waves such as

  • Barton
  • Partex
  • Safelock
  • CNE
  • ABB
  • Kopex
  • Gewiss
  • Maruichi, etc,.

You can use these accessories for various purposes & Industries like Marine, Electrical Wiring, Maintainence, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage.

Cable Accessories are also used to protect us from the electricity in the wires. Silver waves electrical Also have wide range of these products in our stores.

So Shop these cable accessories of best quality at affordable prices in Silver Waves Electrical in UAE.