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Electricity is the most important factor in a person’s survival. The distribution of power is accomplished by cables and wires. We employ several lines in an infrastructure to distribute power to different regions, which causes confusion and may be dangerous to us. So, we utilise Cable Containment Systems for safety and to provide a route for the cable to avoid confusion and to give the infrastructure a decent look.

Cable Containment Systems are used to offer safety, route cable or wires, and provide a clean appearance to the location where they are employed. The following are some examples of cable containment systems:

  • Cable Trays
  • HDG Channels
  • Cable Trunkings, Etc,.

Cable Trays :

Cable trays are a component or group of components and similar fittings used to fix or fasten wires and raceways in a rigid configuration. Light, medium, and heavy duty gauges are commonly offered.

Cable trunking:

Cable trunking is used to protect wires from being cut and to hide unsightly cables. They can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, hotels, and offices. Trukings are typically square or rectangle in shape, with a slide system that allows for easy access to the wires as needed.

HDG Channel:

The term “HDG Channel” refers to a channel that has been hot-dipped galvanised. They contain a non-decaying coating and are suitable for use on any outdoor equipment. The form of HDG Channel is similar to that of cable trays.

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