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Electricity is the Primary thing for the survival of the human being. The distribution of electricity is done through the cables & wires. In an Infrastructure for the distribution of power for different areas we use many wires by which a confusion is created & they may me dangerous to us. So, for the safety purposes and providing a route for the cable to avoid confusion and give good look to the infrastructure we use Cable Containment Systems

Cable Containment Systems are used to provide the safety, route the cable or wires and give a clean look to place where they are used. Some of the cable containment systems are:

  • Cable Trays
  • HDG Channels
  • Cable Trunkings, Etc,.

Cable Trays :

Cable trays are a component or group of components & Similar fittings forming a hard layout to fix or fasten wires & raceways. These are generally available in light, medium, heavy duty gauges

Cable trunking:

Cable trunking is used to secure wires from destruction and to conceal hideous cables from view. They can be used any where like Houses, Hotels, Offices, etc,. Trukings are generally square of rectangle in form, at the same time providing simple access to the wires when required by means of a slide system.

HDG Channel:

HDG Channel means Hot Dipped Galvanised Channel. They have a decay free coating and is ideal for any outdoor equipment. HDG Channel are similar to cable trays in shape.

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